The trademark licence

THE BEGINNING OF THE PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN LAMBRETTA AND DEPIAN PEL Here we are, finally. We have decided. We have decided to take an important step towards the future of our company. After years of quality put at the service of the big fashion companies we have decided to enter the world of retail with an important […]

Our new website is now online

“It is with great pleasure that we present our new website! With a design, structure and access to content that is easy and intuitive. The site is now reachable also from your smartphone. The new website will be a useful tool to get in contact with us and stay updated on our new collections. Thanks […]

Presentation of the Lambretta collection SS2019

“On 28 May 2018 it took place at the 5-star hotel in Firenze the presenation of the Lambretta new collection for the season spring/summer 2019. The agents of the new distribution network, competent and expert in the world of leather, they could appreciate the new unique and colorful collection. Lambretta is a brand synonymous with fresh and youthful style […]

Officine Mercantili under processing

“Coming soon. We are working for you! The trademark of Officine Mercantili is under construction. Soon a new collection will be created for a new different target. The choice of materials will make the difference. Our quality managers, stylist and modeller are at work to create a garment with a unique quality.

Licenza marchio Lambretta 2018

INIZIO DELLA COLLABORAZIONE TRA LAMBRETTA E DEPIAN PEL “Finalmente ci siamo. Abbiamo deciso di fare un passo importante per il nostro futuro. Dopo anni di qualità messa al servizio delle grandi firme entriamo nel mondo del commercio al dettaglio con un’importante partnership. Lambretta sarà associata finalmente al capo in pelle che più le si addice. […]