Presentation of the Lambretta collection SS2019

“On 28 May 2018 it took place at the 5-star hotel in Firenze the presenation of the Lambretta new collection for the season spring/summer 2019.

The agents of the new distribution network, competent and expert in the world of leather, they could appreciate the new unique and colorful collection.

Lambretta is a brand synonymous with fresh and youthful style and as such could not deserve an equally young and fresh collection.

Particularly appreciated was the fashion show that allowed to admire the garments in all their beauty and perfection, thanks to Francesco e Chiara, the two wearing models.

The collection will be proposed already this year through our agents. Orders will be processed in the winter months so you can deliver at the beginning of the year 2019.

Attention, however, is not a collection for everyone.

The garments are in real leather therefore they are exclusive; this because they are worked by expert hands and not all boutiques can have such exclusive items because the productions is limited.

The company has decided to limit the number of items to produce, this designed to guarantee the highest quality on every garment produced.