what do we do

We create and realize prototypes and collections of jackets.

All the leather processing is done by the hands of our craftsmen and craftswomen.

Our strengths

–  partnership with tanneries and stylist.

–  choice of best materials.

–  punctuality delivery

THE “Search” 

Market research & consumer surveys  

Research & selection of materials by a product and quality manager.

Control of materials and garments throughout the phases.

We look for and propose materials that best suits your needs and what you want.

We send the final product complete with a data sheet for a first confirmation.

We ship all over the world


In the headquarters we create prototypes and collections productions

Every treatment, washing, ironing, is done by hand, with the presence of specialized technicians.

Thanks to a test phase we guarantee to obtain the color, brightness, strenght or elasticity you want.

Made in Italy

We believes that each product with made in Italy brand must guarantee a very high standard of quality and excellence.

Making a leather product requires great work by craftsmen.

Over the years, our  know-how became the most important asset for us and is the real added value to the products.

We always require certifications of origin for materials and we need to know the treatments of each material purchased.

Our suppliers are qualified and accurately selected, often directly proposed from our customers.

We don’t use any added chemical products during our processing phases

Protection of the environment

The company is aware of the impact it produces and is ready to fight pollution. 

In fact, besides indipendent laboratory certificates and tests on leather, we have built a solar plant to create energy for our company.

The plant guarantee a great saving in terms of CO2 produced.

We are proud of that.


Unfortunately, today it is hard to find good leather quality..

Finding a raw material without defects is increasingly difficult for those working in this sector

In Italy only very few territories are specialized in processing leather and recuperate the entire stocks of raw materials through high tecnical procedures.

Tanning is the first step that material receives before becoming a shoe, glove, trouser or jacket.

The Depian Pel fortunately works in the industrial area of Campania, Solofra, famous for that.

Every year from this small town in Irpinia, tons of raw leather arrive to be processed, coloured and made perfect.

This allows Depian Pel to be sure of getting a constant flow of leathers of the widest species and a wide choice.


We prefer create Jacket of high quality starting from material such as

  • Lamb “Nappa”
  • Calf “Crack”
  • Shearling

Not everyone can say that.

A century of industrial activity has led local craftsmen to discover every single secret hidden behind the processing of this material..

The great quality and beauty of garments produced, can be yours too.


Our quality managers, starts from the tanneries of our district.

Our quality manager and our product manager follow each phases of the garments.

Raw materials and accessories are selected with care.

The visits to the tanning industries in the district are daily.

The Centuries-old tradition of craftsmans in the area represent an added value for the company.


Office hours

Mon/Fri from 8:00 to 18:00


Depian pel srl



+39 08 25 58 17 09