A Leather Jacket for her

Like a pair of black pumps, a leather jacket is a wardrobe must have that every woman should own. And while dropping serious money on this one item can seem expensive, chosing a leather jacket is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your closet. Instead of opting for pleather (that will last a few years at best), go for the real leather, and you’ll be able to wear it for decades.

There are many benefits to owning a leather jacket. Firstly, they are timeless. They’re always in style and can be worn three out of the four seasons of the year. In the fall and spring they are perfect to throw on over light blouses and floral dresses, while in the winter they are great layering pieces. And the longer you have them, the better they look.

If paying a couple hundred for a new jacket this season isn’t in the cards, you can try and find one at a vintage store for a lower price. Another good option is looking for jackets that have fabric interspersed with the leather, making the price tag a little less steep. And if you’re really craving new leather at a discounted price, try the kids’ section. Though this isn’t a viable option for all, for the more petite among us, it can be a smart way to save some cash. And remember, leather stretches over time.